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Sigrid Patterson

I love art, creating it, viewing it and thinking of my next projects. I find my inspiration everywhere and sometimes my pieces have deep meaning for me, and sometimes they are just for the pure beauty of the subject. Conflict and joy.

​No matter what I am working on, I'm happiest when I'm painting. With each piece I go through a process of designing, problem solving, changing direction and sometimes weaving my stories and meaning into the work. It’s a whole journey and every journey is different. I am continually learning.

Much of my work is based on flowers. Flowers are used across cultures to signify major events and milestones in our lives and to relay emotions - births, deaths, marriage, love, celebrations, friendship, sorrow, regret. I extend the story telling element of flowers to  represent my social commentary and observations. This often focusses on the environment, social equity, sustainability, diversity and community.

I am experienced in several mediums though always come back to favourites - painting big and bold in oils and acrylics.

All flowers and plants used in my paintings are grown, not flown.

I hope you enjoy viewing my works, as much as I enjoy making them.

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