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Heading 6

I am drawn to the work of the Dutch and other European masters with their dark backgrounds and intricate details that seem to have new elements each time I look. I often use these classic compositions to inform my work, particularly with still life and florals. I add my own dimensions through the use of everyday found objects such as tin cans and often use Australian native plants and flowers. 

My work is an expression of my thoughts about issues close to my heart. I like to include some form of reflective surface such as tin, glass or light to nudge the viewer to reflect on the elements and ultimately draw together the interwoven stories. I am often not explicit with these stories. They are there in the background and viewers can choose if, and how much they would like to know, I am always happy to share if asked. 

I have been involved in making art throughout my life in some form. I have completed several courses, most recently "A Year of Painting" with the Byron School of Art. In 2021, I won the still life/landscape category in the Australian Art Lovers Annual Awards.

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